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Making Money With Storage Units And Yard Sales

Do you want to make money with the buying and reselling of merchandise found at mini storage auctions? If so, you need to find a great way to resell your purchases. While you do have a number of different choices, you may find hosting a yard sale to be your best option. Before outlining how you can use a yard sale as a way to profit from merchandise bought at self-storage auctions, it is important to focus on those items. When bidding at a storage auction, you are urged to use your best ........ Read More

Simplify With A Yard Sale

If your family is anything like mine, then you've probably gathered a few too many "treasures" over the years. It is so easy as your family expands and grows to gather all kinds of things that you probably will never need or use again. About once every other year I get overwhelmed with amount of stuff that my family owns yet doesn't need. My solution? A huge yard sale that allows each member of our family to go through all (and I mean all) of their belongings and come up with items that they can........ Read More

Having Or Looking For A Yard Sale? Help Is Here

Are you one of those people who scour the newspapers over the weekend to find local Garage Sales? If so, you would agree that the sales are hard to read, your fingers get smeared with ink, you have no idea how to get to these sales, and quite frankly, there aren't too many listed. Well, help is here. There is a new internet web site dedicated to you weekend warriors who are yard sale hunters. Perhaps you are the type who enjoys having yard sales. You too will benefit from YardHopper. The site h........ Read More

Yard Sale Finds: Trash To Treasure

The weather gets warmer and many of us know this means one thing: yard sales. If you are a crafter, yard sales can be great places to find someone elses castaways and turn them into your treasures. As a person that loves to do decoupage, I am forever on the lookout for wooden boxes to decoupage. But remember that yard sale bargains can also inspire you to try a craft you havent done before. A baby quilt I found made a great pillow, when I had little practice with sewing projects. When l........ Read More

How Work From Home On Ebay: Selling Yard Sale Items

Many people want to know how to work from home on eBay. Is selling yard sale items an option? You can have a business on eBay selling many yard sale items. However, you have to know what you can and cannot sell as some items may be restricted on eBay. Many people use eBay as their giant yard sale and you can too. Before you start to list your items on eBay check the guidelines for what is prohibited. Here is just a couple of items that could get you into trouble. You can sell used clothes o........ Read More

Six Steps To Yard Sale Success

It's now officially summer and for many people, that means yard sale (or garage sale) time. Have a yard sale and get rid of all those things that you have tossed during your Spring cleaning "spree." Now that you have all of this "stuff," what do you do with it? Step One: Get it organized. Put books with books and dishes with dishes. You get the picture. All like items together. Step Two: Write the ad for your yard sale and get it to your local newspaper and Recycler publication. When writing ........ Read More

Planning And Organizing A Successful Yard Sale

A well-organized and well-planned yard sale is more appealing and makes it easier for shoppers to see what you have for sale. After you've sorted through your belongings and decided what you're going to place in your yard sale, take a moment to sit down and think through how you want to organize your items. Categorize your items, as it demonstrates your hard work and forethought in planning your sale. Keep a close eye on things throughout the course of the day, as you'll need to resort and re-........ Read More

Buying Furniture At Yard Sales

Buying furniture pieces at yard sales offers many options, but you must look closely to know what you’re getting. Are you interested in trying your hand at some creative furniture painting? If you don’t already have an old piece of furniture to practice on, shopping yard sales is the best way to come up with a piece. If you are buying the yard sale furniture for the sake of practicing your creative idea, buy away! If you are looking for a particular piece to use, take time to look the fur........ Read More

Yard Sales

I’m a bargain hunter. I can’t resist a sale or a chance to get a great deal. My husband will often say that I can smell a sale from miles away. Maybe I can, who knows. Or, maybe I just like to save money and feel like I’m getting a good deal. One of my favorite places to get a good deal is a fine consignment shop. You’d be surprised at the brand names of clothing that they might have and how much stuff looks brand new. Who cares if it has been washed a few times beforehand? If its savi........ Read More

Have A Successful Yard Sale

Every weekend, offers a new opportunity for people throughout the country to de-clutter, and make a little extra money while doing so. Each weekend, thousands of Yard Sales, Garage Sales and Estate Sales are held throughout the country. For the people holding these sales, the trick is getting the word out and getting as many people to come to your event as possible. Getting a good turnout to your Yard Sale means advertising. In the past, this meant simply buying some cardboard and a black ma........ Read More


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Flea Market Yard Sale Garage Sale Market Sale
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